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We pride ourselves in offering you one of the most renowned porcelain in the world: Limoges porcelain, this fine porcelain comes from a tradition of excellence and was originally made for the kings of France!


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What makes Atelier Soubiran so special?

We pride ourselves in:


1)  Offering you one of the most renowned porcelain in the world: Limoges porcelain, this fine porcelain comes from a tradition of excellence and was originally made for the kings of France!

2)  Believing that your dinnerware should be part of your interior design, and reflect your values. We understand the importance of a delicious and beautiful meal aboard and want to participate in making it a truly memorable experience.

3)  Providing a reliable and personal service at all times. You can count on us to provide additional items to your existing dinnerware, to either add new designs to your dinnerware or to replace broken pieces.

4)  Presenting competitive pricing and offering a wide range of customizable elements. 


What does Custom dinnerware mean?

Custom dinnerware means that a selected set of fine Limoges porcelain dinnerware will be designed in Los Angeles especially for you, and made-to-order in a historical Limoges manufacture, for your home or yacht. 

How does the customizing process work?

This is a very special part of the process: Once you have selected a porcelain set to match your requirements, we set up a call for you to have an in depth conversation with Alix Soubiran, the Los Angeles based French artist and founder of Atelier Soubiran.

With her, you will discuss your home or yacht, hobbies, lifestyle and dinner parties. Based what you express, Alix will work with her conception team to create a unique design, and get back to you with a tailor-made proposition. 

How many pieces of dinnerware do I need to order?

We are fully available to guide you into selecting a perfect set to match your needs, on a per item basis. Additionally, in order to make it easier for you, we have prepared two ‘easy order’ options: 

The all-inclusive “Yacht Package” option 

We have worked with experienced chief stewardesses and they have helped us create an all-inclusive “Yacht Package” option: the ideal set of dinnerware for a 12-guests yacht.

This package includes 24 place settings, with coffee, breakfast, teacups and saucers, and a full set of serving platters (salad bowls, serving tray, cake plate, bread plate...). 

The Place Setting option

In line with classic interior design dinnerware, we have also created a “place setting” package, corresponding to a set of dinnerware per guest seat. The place setting package includes: a dinner plate, a dessert plate, a soup bowl, a deep pasta plate, a charger plate, a bread plate, a tea cup & saucer and a coffee cup and saucer.

In order to have a decent turnover with the kitchen and between meals, we suggest getting at least 18-24 place settings for a 12-guests home or yacht. The price per place setting is ~$500.

Of course, you can then choose any serving items (salad bowl, serving tray, fruit stand...) you would like to add-on to your custom made dinnerware.

Don’t forget, those two options are suggestions and you are more than welcome to choose exactly the number of items you would like to order for each reference, we will be there to help you decide! 

Do you offer other styles of porcelain dinnerware?

Yes, we offer different styles of dinnerware including a contemporary collection. 

How is the payment structured?

1)  Once you have decided which set of dinnerware you would like to order, and any additional options, we will send you a detailed quote confirming your order and the detailed prices.

2)  In order to confirm your order, we ask you to return the signed quote and to transfer a 60% upfront deposit, which will allow us to launch the artistic work and set-up the initial interview with Alix Soubiran.

3)  A few weeks later when all the designs are agreed with you, we then ask you to transfer the outstanding balance, which will allow us to kick-off the production process in Limoges. 

When can I expect to receive my dinnerware?

Once we have finalized the design, and received the outstanding payment we will kick-off the production process in Limoges. You set of dinnerware will take 3-5 weeks to be shipped to your boat, wherever you are in the world (shipping costs may vary). 

Can I add dinnerware pieces to match my existing Atelier Soubiran dinnerware?

Yes, you can reorder with us at anytime. We preciously keep your design on file so we will be able to replicate any additional pieces to match your personalized dinnerware. You can also add new items and styles using your bespoke design. Furthermore, you even get a 15% discount when you reorder items matching pieces from your previous order! 

Is the dinnerware durable?

Yes, Limoges porcelain is renowned worldwide for its fineness and durability. The manufacturers in Limoges have been producing porcelain since the 18th century, and they have been part of French decorative objects’ history ever since. 

Is the dinnerware dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is. Even all our dinnerware pieces with hand painted gold / platinum rims are dishwasher safe.

Once your porcelain has been printed using the latest serigraphic techniques, it is heated up again at very high temperatures (over 700°C) in an oven to secure the designs and ensure the durability of the porcelain. 

Any further questions? Get in touch with us! 

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For design related inquiries: 
Alix Soubiran | Creative Director
+1 213 271 5609 (PST) 

For pricing and order related inquiries: 
Audrey Soubiran | Partner