Atelier Soubiran

Creating Custom Porcelain Dinnerware unique to You

We offer a unique service to architects and interior designers for their projects.We bring together passion, expertise, and taste in the design of your custom dinnerware. We listen intently to your wishes until they become material and are delivered to your home or yacht for your special event. 


A touch of classic style in a modern world.

interior designer Soubiran- luxury custom dinnerware wedding place setting
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Dinnerware is the vessel of one of the most important daily rituals: meals. We believe
it should be styled to your image.

La Creole  cake platter and espresso cup

La Creole cake platter and espresso cup

The Atelier Soubiran is directed by Alix Soubiran,
a renowned French artist based in LosAngeles.


Alix has studied Fine Arts and History of Decorative Arts in Paris, France. Since then, she has developed her artistic career in the US, creating historically inspired artwork for high-end residential projects all over the world. Today, Atelier Soubiran artfully blends craftsmanship and design, with Alix bringing over 15 years of experience in high-end interior design directly to your table.


Our porcelain is manufactured in Limoges, while the patterns are designed in Los Angeles, following a personalized exchange with our customers.

The design teams invest hours into research and hand drawings. Alix’s passion for art and style goes into the smallest details and she takes pride in creating custom dinnerware that embodies the personality of each client.

Alix consulting with a client

Alix consulting with a client


There is an art to designing dinnerware. We spend the time needed and closely collaborate with interior designers in order to create sets that will fit harmoniously in their client's homes, villas, or yachts. Through e-mails, phone calls, Skype and mail, we brainstorm and discuss the possibilities in color, size and design placement with each client, until the dinnerware becomes a part of the interior design. We bring together passion, expertise and taste. We listen intently to your wishes and until they become material and are delivered to your home or yacht. We assist you in the decision making process every step of the way and when you work with us, your project becomes ours too.